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Tibetan Acupressure

Tibetan Acupressure – Compassionate Touch (TACT)

Tibetan Acupressure (TACT) is an ancient system of reflexive pressure-point healing. TACT accesses the body’s natural corrective energies in order to bring balance to the body as a whole. This system can be used to treat specific conditions, or for the overall well-being of the body and mind. 

Tibetan Acupressure Logo

Tibetan Acupressure Logo

The reflex points used in Tibetan Acupressure are found on the feet, legs, hands, arms, shoulders, head, and back.

Finger pressure is applied to reflex points in a specified sequence, generating an electrical response in the body which responds to the point stimulation.

In your session you will remain clothed and will sit upright in a chair.

I will access the reflex points by using the tip of my index finger and thumb.

The mindful focus, breath, and intent of the practitioner are important dynamics used in Tibetan Acupressure.

Extracted from an article by Rae Hatherton, TACT Teacher, published in Odyssey Magazine, February 2010. 

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Tibetan acupressure

Tibetan acupressure

Tibetan Energy Medicine  uses energetic point therapy, healing techniques, with compassion practices which deliver love and presence, allowing the body to heal itself.”
~ Rae Hatherton





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